Call for Nominations for SRIBD PhD Fellowship of 2019

Call for Nominations for SRIBD PhD Fellowship of 2019

Please read the Call for Nominations carefully and in its entirety to ensure full understanding of the process.


In 2019, Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data (SRIBD) will elect up to 10 individuals to fill vacancies on SRIBD PhD Fellowships to attract and motivate top PhD students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK(SZ)) and SRIBD. The awarded fellowship shall be granted with a compensation of RMB 5,000 per month (pre-tax), which is in addition to whatever financial support that student has already secured from other sources.


Nomination Requirements

1.  Each PhD student is required to have a supervisor or a co-supervisor from SRIBD;

2.  The research area of each PhD student must be related to the scope of SRIBD;

3.  The PhD performance will be reviewed annually by SRIBD to determine the continuation of the support;

4.  SRIBD and CUHK(SZ) should be the main affiliations in papers and patents produced from the sponsored students.


Required Supporting Documentation

1.  The SRIBD PhD Fellowship Application Form (see Appendix 1 )

2.  The applicant's CV

3.  The initial CUHK(SZ) PhD application package

4.  Supervisor's recommendation (100 words)


Selection Procedure

The applicant should submit the required documents to the Selection Committee via e-mail at 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。. The submission is due on 5/15/2019. The Selection Committee will review all applicants' information received to determine the awarding of the PhD Fellowship.

Please contact Ms. Nancy LIN at 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。 with questions.