The “WattBalance” team of SRIBD won the “Intelligent Customer Service” 2nd Data Application Creative Festival

Created: Friday, 28 December 2018

The “WattBalance” team of SRIBD won the “Intelligent Customer Service” 2nd Data Application Creative Festival

       On December 21, 2018, the "WattBalance" team from Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data participated in the "Intelligent Customer Service" second data application creative festival organized by China Southern Power Grid, under the leadership of Prof. Cheng Shenghui and Prof. Duan Dongliang. They won the championship in finals with the score of 90.14.

Group Photo of Prof. Cheng Shenghui and WattBalance members

Group Photo of the Awarded Teams and the Judges

       With the slogan of “Data Energizing and the Future of Smart Power”, the innovative direction of “Using Big Data and AI Power Service”, and the theme of “Internal Quality Improvement, External Cooperation and Innovation”, the activity attracted 63 outstanding teams and 65 projects from 5 provinces and China Southern Power Grid.

       After fierce competitions in the preliminary round on December 8th, the WattBalance successfully entered the finals, competing with the other five teams on Friday morning.

       The finals are divided into the outcomes presentation and speech defense. Despite the fact that other teams have new ideas such as big data anti-counterfeiting, WattBalance attracted the experts by their accurate marketing based on users portraits analysis, accurate power supply in accordance to the deep network prediction, and their thorough proposal on visual integration platform. Collaborated with the extraordinary speech of Cheng Jiayu, WattBalance of SRIBD won the praise of both the experts and the audience, successfully winning the championship of second data application creative festival.

Cheng Jiayu was Giving Presentations in the Finals

Lin Zhidi was Introducing Their Proposals to CEO of China Southern Power Grid