Research and Development Openings at Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data

Job Vacancies of SRIBD

Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data (SRIBD) was established by Shenzhen Government to address the key issues in big data scientific research. The goal of SRIBD is to become a world-class center for big data research and development, focusing on the fundamental research in data science and its applications, technology transfer and commercialization. Currently, SRIBD has built a renowned research team composed of Nobel laureates, academicians, and IEEE Fellows. SRIBD has abundant data resources for fundamental research and application development, with a friendly entrepreneurial environment strongly endorsed by financial support from the Shenzhen Government.

According to the needs of the development of the institute, we are now looking for outstanding talents to join us.

  1. Openings

(1) Research Scientist10-15 people


  1. A doctoral degree in related fields;
  2. Able to use English as working language and write research papers;
  3. Solid background in scientific research and good paper publication record; 
  4. Experience in industrialization of research results will be a plus;
  5. Able to communicate and cooperate with colleagues in different fields;
  6. Applicants with experience in the following fields are preferred: Chinese speech and semantic recognition/understanding; computer vision, graphics and video recognition; big data security; secure computing; data mining and algorithm for precision medicine; data-driven government decision-making; data-driven intelligent logistics; data-driven future network design and optimization.

(2) Development Engineer5-8 people


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, electrical engineering, or related;
  2. Experience in software or system development;
  3. Solid background in data structure, programming, data mining and machine learning algorithms;
  4. Familiarity with distributed computing systems;
  5. Experience and ability to use open source technology to implement big data applications in some specific environments;
  6. Work with a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, good language expression and communication skills;
  7. Applicants with following experiences are preferred: secure computing, information system, financial engineering, medical data analysis, Natural Language Processing, machine learning, data mining, search engines and etc.
  8. Salary

SRIBD will provide a competitive annual salary with a world-class research and development environment. Through the institute, researchers can apply national, provincial, and city projects. The institute can also endorse the researchers to apply various talent programs.

III. Application procedure

For the Research Scientist position, applicants should prepare a curriculum vitae, research plan (2 pages), three representative papers, and the contact information of three referees (Affiliation, position and email).

For the Development Engineer position, applicants should prepare a curriculum vitae and the contact information of two referees (Affiliation, position and email).

Please send the above documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact:Miss. Cara Long

Phone: 86-755-84273748